Our design team combine years of architectural, engineering and computer aided design (CAD) experience. This gives them the ability to work seamlessly across various types of spa and pool projects, while taking all essential variables in to account.

There are 3 main design software applications that our designers use to draw, create and bring our clients projects to life as seen below:

  • AutoCAD
  • Autodesk-Inventor
  • 3D Max

AutoCad can be used to create 2D working drawings for our clients as well as dimensional layouts to provide a precise representation of size and fitting of the spa or pool.  As this software offers ease of adaptation during products development, it means any changes requested by the client are made quickly and easily regardless of how big.

CAD designer working on inventor software

Like AutoCAD, Autodesk inventor is also used for 2D working drawings, but offers the ability to provide 3D assembly and part lists which provide essential information during manufacturing. By using these we can establish what materials are needed to create the spa and get them in stock ready, streamlining the build process.

3D Max is really where the client can see the product and design come into fruition. This software produces high quality 3 dimensional renders of the product and surrounding area if required.

At The Mosaic Spa Company, we ensure all of our clients are made to feel as involved in the design process as they would like and that any requests made regarding the design are met.

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