The One Pool is the fast, simple, and efficient way of installing a full-length mosaic tiled pool into any area.

Unlike the traditional concrete pool method, the one piece pool is as simple as excavating a hole, installing a concrete slab then simply dropping it in to place to be installed. This dramatically reduces the total time of the project whilst maintaining the quality and finish of a mosaic tiled swimming pool.

  • From design to install in just 6 - 8 weeks!
  • Any size, anywhere
  • Comes with heating and filtration systems

This one piece pool is perfect for adding the elegance of a full-length mosaic tiled pool without all the effort and comes with a plethora of additions and optional extras such as Pool Covers and Counter Current Units.

The composite technology used to construct The One Pool has been developed within our UK based factory to ensure unparalleled strength in the structure and imperviable insulation to regulate temperature.

The One Pool

The One Pool Sizes

See below the varied sizes that the pool is available in. We are able to accommodate any sizes or configurations not listed below so if you require something more bespoke please get in touch.


5m x 3m

6m x 3m

7m x 3m

8m x 3m

5m x 3.8m

6m x 3.8m

7m x 3.8m

8m x 3.8m

9m x 3.8m

10m x 3.8m

11m x 3.8

10m x 4.5m

11m x 4.5m

12m x 4.5m

10m x 5m

11m x 5m


*All pools 1.5m wall depth

Discover more about this revolutionary mosaic tiled one-piece swimming pool by downloading or reading through the brochure for The One Pool via the download button.​

In the brochure you will be able to learn all about the dimensions of The One Pool, the coping and tile options available as standard, in depth look at the composite technology we developed as well as a host of other information regarding the pool.

If you would like more information or to get your hands on a hard copy of the brochure, get in touch so we can answer any of your questions and have a hard copy sent out to you.

Learn more about The One Pool on the official website here

The One Pool

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